1. Observe table seating before sitting down. Save the front seats and middle seats for
  2. Don’t stretch hands, arms, legs, and shoulders when sitting down and eating.
  3. Wait for the homeowner/host to raise their cup/glass first before raising yours and
    saying, “thank you”.
  4. Say thank you to the homeowner/host before eating the food they cooked.
  5. When picking up your chopsticks or eating utensils, also invite others to pick up their
    chopsticks or eating utensils.
  6. Use chopsticks to pick up food from your side of the table. Don’t stand up and reach
    over to get food in front of others on the other side.
  7. Start by picking food from the outside, not from center of the dish.
  8. Do not use your chopsticks to poke or dig around shared serving dishes or containers.
  9. When using spoons or soup ladles to scoop food, empty them completely before
    putting them back in the shared serving bowls or containers.
  10. Once you’ve already selected and added food to your bowl or dish, do not put the food
    back on the original serving dish.
  11. Do not give used chopsticks and utensils to others.
  12. Eat quietly; do not smack your lips, chew loudly, or slurp noisily.
  13. Set a no talking rule while eating. If you must talk, take precaution that saliva does
    not get into the food while talking.
  14. Cover your mouth or turn the other way when sneezing or coughing.
  15. Do not feed food scraps to pets while eating.
  16. Finish your food; do not leave left-over food on your plate or bowl.
  17. Do not floss teeth in front of people.
  18. Do not leave the table while a guest is still eating.
  19. After a meal, the homeowner or host should kindly invite guests to stay for tea or
    coffee. Guests should know when is the appropriate time to say goodbye.