1. Wear appropriate clothing; no need to be beautiful or fancy, but clothing should be
    neat, clean, and easy on the eyes.
  2. When you see an adult, you should approach and respectfully greet them.
  3. Do not howl, point, or wave at people when you’re at an elevated place looking down.
  4. Do not smoke, chew food, or sing while walking on the street.
  5. If you are in a car, get out to respectfully greet an adult. You can also greet a younger
    person by nodding to them.
  6. Go home when it gets dark. If you can’t go home on time, call, or send a text message
    to folks at home.
  7. Do not wave or greet others in the middle of a busy street or big crowd.
  8. When seeing someone you know on the street, don’t linger, and talk too long.
  9. Do not stand in the middle of the road. Look both sides of the street before crossing.
    Do not fight with other drivers for a space or lane.
  10. Walk with steady steps, straight posture with mouth closed while looking straight
  11. Give up your seat or right of way when you see the elderly, women, and children.
  12. When someone asks for directions, show them clearly and whole-heartedly. If
    someone gives you directions, remember to express your appreciation and gratitude before
  13. Do not enter an old desolate temple alone. When you are with another person, do not
    look down a deep well together.
  14. Get off the horse first when crossing a bridge. When you are on a boat, do not fight for
    the right of way when crossing a river.
  15. Do not arbitrarily put your head, hands out of a car, boat, or airplane and especially,
    do not blow your nose or spit outside.