1. Gift giving and receiving should be mutual. If you receive a gift, you
    should reciprocate in kind.
  2. When giving someone a gift, don’t ask them to come get it. When offered
    a gift, do not ask for something you like, let the other person choose what they
    want to give.
  3. Have a humble and respectful attitude when offering a gift to someone.
  4. Nicely wrap a gift, except gifts for weddings and funerals.
  5. If other guests are present, do not put the gift on the table, keep it out of
    sight. However, it is fine to put the gift on the table if the guests are people
    whom you’ve just met for the first time.
  6. When receiving a gift, graciously thank the person first before accepting
    it. After a few days, you should pay them a visit.
  7. Do not refuse when an adult gives you a gift.