1. When attending celebratory events, don’t talk about sad things such as
    grief and death. Don’t attend with a sad or depressed countenance.
  2. When in mourning, do not attend parties or celebrations, send gifts instead,
    if appropriate.
  3. While wearing mourning (funeral) clothes, do not go to public places. Don’t
    stop to watch celebrations.
  4. When attending a wedding ceremony with many guests, don’t kid around
    or tell silly jokes.
  5. Don’t laugh at funerals.
  6. When attending funeral services in a private home/residence where the
    deceased person is in a casket for viewing, do not sing or play music.
  7. When having a meal at a home with a funeral service, don’t drink alcohol
    to the extent that your face turns red.
  8. Clothing worn for funeral services should be removed and taken off before
    going outside.