Reinforcing good manners isn’t hard but it is something that needs to be
deliberately undertaken. Here are several ways I’ve found that work to
foster good manners for kids:
1) Cement Good Manners by Reading a Book about Manners
Recommended books to help with manners for kids
2) Give your kids “the talk”
Before going to school, the store, a friend’s house, or relatives’ house,
emphasize the manners for kids that you expect them to follow. It sounds
basic, but a quick reminder about what your expectations are for behavior
can go a long way!
3) Create your own list of family manners
Focus on the ones that are important for your own family. State them in
a positive way and post them somewhere as a reminder for everyone.
4) Make a manners competition within your household
Have a marble jar or a sticker chart for every family member and give
each other points for using good manners. At the end of the week, let the
winner pick dessert for the night, choose a fun family activity for the night,
have the evening off from chores, or some other incentive of his or her choice.
5) Come up with a fun phrase or sound
Choose a sound to serve as a reminder for one another when manners are
forgotten. Some ideas: a buzzer sound, “rewind,” “oops, you forgot
something,” or “let’s try that again.”